[web] Another homepage is online

September 9, 2009

Last sunday a website I worked on went online.
Unfortunately the website is in german, so sorry to everyone who cannot read german.
Here is the link to the updated web-portfolio of mine:

And this is the direct link to the website I was talking about:

Good luck to Torsten Fock aka fogman with his 30-minute shooter “:schutzkontakt”


[Tutorials] Tile-based Movement re-published

August 30, 2009

While resurrecting this site from the grave I found a small “How-To” guide about writing a tile-based movement function.
So I re-read the whole thing and re-uploaded it to publish it here once more and make it available to the public again.
Read more …
Direct Download

[Games] Alien’s Cave: finished

August 26, 2009

Yep that’s right. This morning I added the last two features

  • Collision Avoidance between enemies and cave border
  • Small Game Menu (Start, Exit)

More Information about Alien’s Cave: HERE

Quick Link to the Download: HERE (source code is included)

Have fun playing!

[Games] Alien’s Cave reviewed

August 25, 2009

While updating the content of this site I also reviewed my old project “Alien’s Cave” and took a look at Pappenheimer’s suggestions (made in this thread back then and started implementing some more of them.
So what I did today:

  • Reviewing the gameplay
  • Added: increasing the random value of the cave border during play. Now the better you are the harder it gets
  • Added: Collision detection between aliens and the cave border
  • Added: Collision detection between bullets and the cave border

Still planned:

  • Game Menu (a rather simple one)
  • Collision avoidance between aliens and cave border


August 25, 2009

Hello there and welcome to my web portfolio.

Currently there is not much content as I just revamped this website (again) and will update the content and add it back on.